Every November, men flock the streets proudly showing off their bad facial hair. From unruly unkempt beards to a barely visible peach fuzz. What started out as two mates simply wanting to bring moustaches back into fashion, became a global movement aimed at improving men’s health.

Participating in the movement is great, but it's even better if you get the people from your employment involved too! Not only does it raise awareness, but it also strengthens the bond between the team, raises moral and is simply great fun. Here are five ways you can get everyone at your job involved!

Get Everyone at Your Part Time Job to Grow a Mo
Growing a moustache is the easiest way to get involved in the movement. Why not get everyone at your job to grow one with you? You’ll feel less daft and it’ll make work more fun! You can have competitions like who can grow the best moustache or the longest one. Or, you can see which guy at your part time job last the longest without shaving. There are literally so many ways you can get the people at your job involved.

When I used to work part time as a pub bartender all the men would have a competition (even the customers) to see who could grow the best moustache and who could last the whole month without shaving. The guy with the best moustache received a pint on the house and whoever shaved before the month was up had to double their donation to the foundation. This friendly competition came with banter which made my part time job so much fun!

Gif of moustache with Movember images inside it

Make Your Move
Not everyone can grow a moustache, so “Make Your Move” is a great alternative to get everyone at work involved. Instead of growing a moustache, you have to run or walk 60kms by the end of the month. This is for the 60 men we lose to suicide every hour. Like Grow A Mo, this is something everyone at your job can do. You can also make it into a competition or a fundraising opportunity. Get your friends, family or even customers to sponsor you and then donate the proceedings to the Movember Foundation.

Do Some Fundraising at Your Part Time Job
Speaking of fundraising events, if your co-workers are total party-poopers that don't want to break a sweat this November, then another way to get the people at your job involved is to 'Host A MO-MENT.' No moustache growing or exhausting physical effort required! I asked everyone at my part time job what they liked to do and we all said clubbing. So, we held a party and had people buy tickets in order to attend. You can do the same! Ask everyone at work what they like and turn it into a fundraising event. You can also do gift matching where you double any donations made by either the customers or your co-workers.
People partying at a bar

Join the Movember Business Club
Another way to get your job involved is to have the business join the Movember Business Club. It's a club created by the Movember Foundation and over 60 businesses have already registered. Throughout November prizes will be given and businesses can take part in events held by the foundation. This takes some of the stress away from your job having to come up with activities and fundraising events.

Have Everyone at Your Part Time Job Shave Down
The end of Movember is just as important as the start. If you got people at your part time job to grow a moustache then it would be amazing if you shaved them off together too. It’s a great way of celebrating all that you have achieved the past month!

There are zero excuses as to why you can’t get the people from your employment involved! Do one of the things suggested above or create your own. We would love to hear how you helped this Movember in the comment section below!

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