Part of YoungCapital

StudentJob is part of YoungCapital, which is the largest sourcing and staffing agency in the Netherlands. Continuing our expansion into new markets across Europe, StudentJob Ireland was was launched in February 2018. StudentJob is currently active in 10 countries across Europe. What started as a simple website transformed into a new and creative employment agency.

StudentJob International

Alongside Ireland, we are active in nine other European countries; The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Switserland, The UK and Sweden. It is our ambition to connect the new generation throughout Europe with their ideal employers.

StudentJob International is currently working with a vast online network of over 5 million ambitious candidates to make amazing things happen. Our focus is on connecting employers to the best candidates who are actively searching for jobs including; part time and weekend work to internships, placements and graduate roles.

Smart Technology

We know the importance of staying connected in today’s fast paced world. With our App, StudentJob offers candidates real time search of the latest vacancies. Candidates can search and apply to the latest opportunities in a few steps!

The Studentjob app

As an employer, you are in good hands with StudentJob

  • Quick and easy process to advertise a job
  • Gain direct access to young talent across Ireland
  • Your vacancies are visible in Google search results
  • Search our CV database yourself for ideal candidates

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StudentJob Timeline


In February, StudentJob was launched in Ireland and is expected to see rapid growth.


We had 4.7 million candidates across StudentJob international in 2017.


StudentJob migrates to a new and improved website, enhancing the experience and service for candidates and employers.


At the European Business Awards 2015, we became the National Public Champion.


In January, StudentJob becomes part of YoungCapital.


We were awarded the National ‘Flex Specialist’ title for having the highest service level in the student staffing & recruitment industry in the Netherlands, our home base.


StudentJob is rebranded, changing the concept and design, resulting in an increase of registered students.


Deloitte awarded us with the title ‘Best Managed Company’. We would go on to be awarded this title again in 2012 and 2013.


StudentJob was first founded in The Netherlands under the name of Studentenwerk. The company soon expanded internationally launching in Germany, Belgium, France Spain and the UK.