Whether you are a student or an adult, summer holidays are a long-awaited time for everyone. However, in times of crisis, the budget is tighter which makes the departure that little bit more stressful. Read this article if you want to discover some tips that will allow you to have a price-efficient holiday this summer.

Go to a holiday club
If you want to go to a holiday club, it is possible to find stays of less than 300 euros for a period of one week. There is also the option of renting a caravan so that you can do a bit of camping. 

For this, it takes around 200 euros for a week rental. The advantage of this option is that the timing of the reservation does not matter. It is always possible to rent a mobile home even if you book at the very last minute.

However, if you wish to compare the prices, just go to the professional sites to have the best guarantee on the quality-price ratio. To facilitate your efforts in the search for a destination at a reduced price, you can go to Tui Coupon Code which offers good plans for the holidays, while respecting the budget of your choice.

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Minimize the price of your stay

The price of travelling in addition to the cost of a hotel room makes your holiday rather expensive. Home swapping is a practice that is being done more and which can greatly minimize your expenses. 

If you have a house or an apartment, you can make an exchange with holidaymakers who wish to visit your area. The concept is simple: you exchange your apartment with the one of another person, resident in Ireland or abroad. In addition to being practical, this transaction is completely free. You will then avoid having to spend the colossal cost of most hotels during the summer season.

There are many exchange sites that combine Irish and foreign offers. Just register on one of them and contact the members you are interested in. One of the best websites is Home Exchange. You should always make sure that you’re safe when going to live in strangers’ homes. Just bear in mind the city, the district, and the country, etc. in which you will be staying.

You should know that the exchange of apartments also exists in "luxury version". The condition is that to live in a luxurious home, you must have a home of this type.

Combine summer job and vacation

The combination of vacation and seasonal work is much more suitable for a person travelling alone. A summer job during the holidays makes it possible to make the expenses that these last ones profitable.

The lifeguard job is attractive if you have a degree that allows you to practice it. Another alternative may be the bartending profession, which does not always require a particular qualification. This job allows you, in addition to enjoying your day, to have fun once your service is over.

Do not hesitate to inquire, as during the summer holidays, most places, catering, sales, etc. are looking to hire more staff. Here you can find offers for summer jobs in the city of your choice.

Even if the Irish holiday budget decreases from year to year, solutions exist to allow people on a limited budget to enjoy their summer months. And if swapping places with strangers does not inspire you, you can always opt for a rental or seasonal job.

Be that as it may, take the time to analyse all the offers likely to satisfy your desires and your finances. In addition, it is also common that at the end of the season, the price decreases considerably because agencies and hotels sell their offers before entering the low season.

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