Today’s job market is very competitive that good grades aren’t the only thing employers care about. That’s why you need to have a CV that sets you apart from the hundreds of other candidates and has the extra bit of oomph. Below are a few ways you can make your CV different from all the rest.


It goes without saying that an internship is a great way to make your CV stand out. Luckily for you, StudentJob has plenty. An internship is a huge benefit for many reasons. Having work experience relevant to the job you want is an amazing advantage. That's why all students should do an internship. They give you experience working in a professional environment and teach you new skills. That is why employers like seeing them on CVs. Internships are also a good way of seeing whether the job/industry you want to work for is right for you.

Some internships can last a week and others last up to a year, so there is sure to be one that suits you!

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Volunteering is another great way to give your CV a little more pizazz. It shows the employer that you are self-motivated since you didn’t have money motivating you to get the job done. And, that you have interests outside of school.

A lot of jobs nowadays ask for previous experience too. If you don’t have it, then applying for a job is equal to climbing Mount Everest without the right tools. That’s why volunteering is a great way to work around this! And it will make your CV look better compared to someone who only has good grades. So, volunteering at a charity shop or fundraising for an event will give you experience and evidence to back up the skills you list on your CV.

Extracurricular Activity

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, grades are no longer the only thing employers look at. Employers would rather have a student with relevant work experience and average grades, than a student with high grades and no experience. Why? Although the student has lower grades, they have the skills needed to do the job and won't need as much training. That's why during your time in education you should do something on the side.

Why not play a team sport? It shows that you have determination, are reliable and able to work in a team. Or, you can do something music/drama related which shows that you are confident and able to collaborate with other people. As long as you can justify how the activity has shaped you as a worker then no activity is a bad activity.

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Learn a Language

I know you're tired of hearing people say this, but knowing a second language (or more) will set your CV apart from all the others. It is especially good if you want to apply for a job based abroad or to a company with international links. Also, it shows that you have the determination and other transferable skills such as problem-solving.


Freelancing is a great way to showcase your skills to employers. You can sign up to freelancing websites and immediately find work in anything that you are skilled in. It shows employers that you are great at time management and responsible as you are setting your own working hours and rules.

Get a Part-Time Job

The last one, and the most obvious one is to get a part-time job. Many students go through the education system without having a job. So, although simple, having a part-time job shows employers that you can commit to having a job and have previous experience.

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