With university fast approaching for some, it is now the chance to apply for placements and internships. The thoughts rushing through student’s heads are along the lines of “AHHHHHHH!” Of course, this is natural. The process of finding an internship is never going to be an easy one - let's be honest here. Therefore, this article will break down the key stages on how to maximise your chances of securing your dream job.


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First of all, it is important to find the right internship place, you obviously do not want to be hired and then find out that this internship is actually nothing for you. Therefore make a list of requirements before you start searching.

  • What industry of work interests you most? Would you like to work for a large scale company or a start-up? What role would you like to focus on?

  • Are you looking for something local, or are you wishing to leave the UK and experience the international culture?

  • What are your personal learning goals?

To sum it up - find a company that suits your own work style and interests!

If you have answered these questions, you can search for internships that meet your personal preferences. Websites

Websites such as StudentJob IE and StudentJob UK  are great places to start your placement search, other fantastic portals can also be found on your University Portal. Additionally, your employment tutor at the university will also become your best friend. Be sure to visit them frequently to keep them updated on any vacancy postings, and to ensure your application form is perfect.

Living in the digital age means the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn are being optimised so companies can advertise their vacancies online. It is important to create a professional looking profile, especially on LinkedIn. So make sure you go on an un-tagging spree and dazzle your future bosses with your almost normal profile...

Finally, if you stumble across a company who are not advertising placements then fear not. It is time to display your courage! Companies value proactive behaviour highly, especially in the workplace. So write an enthusiastic email highlighting your interests in working for the company, and who knows - you might be lucky...


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Now that you have found the perfect placement, it is time to apply, but how do you do that? It starts with the preparation of a good CV. If you need help creating an effective CV that is bound to impress recruiters, check out this piece that will help you endlessly!

In addition to your resume, it is important to have a strong Cover Letter. Make sure your letter is a maximum of one page and that it stands out. Remember, recruiters may have hundreds of applications to read through - so it needs to impress in order to be successful. Personalise your Cover Letter and research the company to demonstrate your enthusiasm! For more information on how to create a high-quality Cover Letter, be sure to read this handy document!.

OK, so you know have an A-Grade CV and Cover Letter...and congratulations you have moved onto the next stage! Depending on the size of the company, after screening your application you will be invited to an interview, or if there is a high volume of applicants you will be asked to undertake psychometric tests. To prepare for these glorious tests, there are many helpful resources at your university, so be sure to check it out!


I cannot stress this enough - preparing for interviews is crucial. It is a nerve-wracking experience for everyone, however, with the right preparation you can minimise the stress and before you know it, will become a free-flowing experience where you can actually have a conversation with the interviewer. Want to smash the interview out of the ballpark? StudentJob’s interview tips will help you no end!

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So you have tackled the quest for finding your desired placement, you have fought through all the applications and you have successfully landed yourself that interview to display your high calibre of skill! Start your search early and see the benefits that preparing has to offer. From everyone here at StudentJob - we wish you all the best with your placement search

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