Every morning we are faced with our nightmare - it forms the shape of a phone and plays what can only be described as noise that ascends into chaos before being frantically beaten to a pulp until there is silence. Yes, I am talking about the alarm. Whether it is at six o'clock or at ten o'clock, it still remains a misery every time to turn those blankets away from you. And that snooze function is also pretty dangerous. We can not make this moment much more fun, but there are a number of tips here so that you can get out of bed a little easier.

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1. Set your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier. Yes really. Setting the alarm a little earlier, means you can wake up in a far more natural state. As much as we love sleep, no one wants to be rushing around in the morning, looking for that one pesky soak with a toothbrush hanging out of your mouth. Of course, this requires discipline, but once you can survive the early morning starts, you can take on the whole world.

2. This is more relevant to those cold winter evenings. There is nothing worse than feeling the spine-tingling cold whilst you are still cocooned in your duvet. In some cases, I represent a cheese and ham toastie. Place a dressing gown or a blanket next to your bed, so when you leap from its warm grasp, you can gracefully place yourself in quite literally, your comfort blanket.

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3. Put your phone just too far away to be able to access it. So the tendency is not so great to first check everything on your phone in bed for half an hour. You have to get out of bed to see something and once you're out, you might as well stay out.

4. Reward yourself with a nice breakfast. Food is always a good incentive to get up, so for those delicious pancakes you want your bed to come true!

5. Prepare and take with you the evening beforehand. Then in the morning, it does not feel like such a huge mountain of activities that you have to undertake. And you can stay just a little longer. Double advantage!

6. Leave the curtains ajar. When it becomes light in the morning, your body feels that you need to wake up. This means you wake up gradually instead of such an abrupt alarm clock.

Of course, it will sometimes go easier than the other, but we hope that with these tips you will have less trouble getting up. And think of it like that; you are not the only one who suffers from it! Sleep tight!

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