‘’I have an interview tomorrow. What should I wear?’’ 

Does this question sound familiar? Every time an interview approaches, we all face the same questions about what is and isn’t appropriate to wear. We want to look professional. More than that: we have the need to show that we can fit in the company we’re applying for. But why is that?

A survey of 2,000 managers has shown that at least 77% said they are less likely to make an

offer to a candidate who isn't dressed for the occasion. This means that the way you actually present yourself can determine whether or not you can be part of a company. Additionally, 22% of the managers surveyed even admitted rejecting applicants based on their interview appearance. Are you getting the point? Dress to impress! This should be your interview Motto!

We want to make sure you won’t miss any opportunities and that interviewers will remember you for your outstanding qualities.

Here’s how men should go about it! 

A suit can never go wrong. Of course you need to do some research. Analyze the company you’re applying for. Try to see whether or not it’s formal. Even so, a suit is always a safe option. Nonetheless, if it’s super formal, don’t miss the tie and assure that its design is simple yet professional (no cartoons or funny-looking ties.)

No wrinkled shirts! This is one point you can’t miss. A wrinkled shirt shows that you’re careless and not really focused on getting everything to be sharp and thorough.

Wear clean and polished shoes. This will tell the interviewer that you’re careful about your appearance while also showing that you took the time to put everything together perfectly.

Mind your hair and jewellery! You want to show that you’re the best-suited person for the job, not that you’re the most fashionable employee they could ever have. Sometimes, keeping it simple is the right decision. 

Women, be ready to shine! 

A sharp suit or a dress of an appropriate length. These are the options that usually work best when women attend an interview. Both of them show that you were careful about what you should wear and will allow you to always look professional, whether the company is more/less formal.

Keep your makeup at a moderate level . Remember that this will be the first impression an interviewer is going to have of you. You want them to perceive you as a serious professional. Nothing like showcasing a face that’s natural and normal.

Simple nails and hair are always the best choices. Just like for men, making sure your hair is flawless can be essential, but there’s no need to exaggerate and go crazy with your hairstyle. As for your nails, the most important thing is that they’re clean. Hot tip: a neutral nail polish can get you an extra point.

Be careful with your jewellery and accessories! Women can spend hours thinking about both of these fashionable items. Even so, don’t fixate on them when going to an interview. Why? Because the person who’s going to talk to you will care more about your skills and behaviour than your accessories. Make sure that you keep it simple.

The 5 Key Rules to Dress to Impress

What you wear and how you wear it can determine the image you’ll show to others. In order to make sure that you’ll send the right sartorial message, these are the 5 rules that can help you ace any interview.

● Take time to think about what you should wear. Don’t overthink it: just make sure you have time to plan and decide what will work best for the company you’re applying for.

● Dress for any occasion. Some companies are more formal than others. Do your research and try to find out what type of company it is. However, remember that this is your first impression and that you want it to be perfect.

● Don’t overdress. Sometimes less is more. While you’re preparing the interview, try to think of something that would work best for that specific occasion.

● Give your best to be your best. Feeling good about what you wear gives you more confidence. Make sure you’re wearing an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself and I bet you’ll feel even more confident.

● Keep it simple. Looking nice, professional and simple is what you’re going for. Keep that in mind and you’ll be remembered for it. 

Don’t worry! This seems a lot harder than it actually is. The first interviews can be trickier, but once you know what to dress for the first one, all others will seem much easier. We’re all human. We all face the same doubts. Just be confident, trust yourself, and I guarantee you’ll manage to get the job not because of what you wear but because of how you actually wear it.

By Nádia Vieira, Marketing Manager, Stelfox

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