Congratulations! The time has come, you’re 18 years old. Free to live and travel wherever you like. Now that you’re 18 years old (and mature before the law), the world is your oyster. You’re also free to join the army, become an Air Corps apprentice or join the Garda Síochána. You can also check our vacancies and apply today for free!

What work can you do if you are 18 years old?

You can not think of it so crazy. In principle you can do everything you could already do when you were younger. Working in a store, a job in the catering industry or addressing people in the street as a promoter. A job as a courier or parcel deliverer is also possible. If you have a driver's license, of course. Or, if you’ve decided to enroll in a course in higher education or university, then you might be better finding a part time job. You should always make sure that you’ve got enough time to do your assignments and coursework, and don’t get bogged down with both work and studies. If you don’t enroll in any summer courses then a summer job is definitely ideal for you.

How much can I work and how much can I earn?

If you are 18 years old, you often don’t start with the minimum wage. You’re entitled to 80% of the minimum wage (€7.64) in the first year of employment and 90% of the minimum wage (€8.60) in the second year of employment. After the second year of employment, you’re entitled to the full minimum wage, which is €9.55. Click here to see the rates in more detail.

Where can I look for a job?

To find your part time job, summer job or full time job at 18 years old, we encourage you to try out our site! With StudentJob, you can sign up for free and apply to the wide range of vacancies we have online. Whether its waitressing, tutoring, customer service or bartending that you are interested, you can find it with our job site today.