Congratulations, you’re 16 years old. What a time thus far. The world is at your feet. But without money, that world is a lot less fun. You can now get the minimum wage. That means more money and more work experience. Did we mention money already? Also you can make the most of your summer by finding a summer job in your city.

How much will I earn at 16 years old?

So, at the age of 16, you are entitled to the National Minimum Wage. The rate for under 18s is 70% of the minimum wage i.e. €6.48 per hour. Sounds great! The rate you will be paid will vary depending on the sector and role you decide to work in, e.g. if you take on a waitressing or bartending role you may receive tips which will give a nice boost to your base salary. Also, if you’re working in sales, you may receive commission on top of your normal rate. In addition, your employer might even decide to pay you more than the minimum wage!

What kind of jobs can I do?

Well, as a 16 year old, the world is your oyster. At this age you are eligible for all the same jobs as before, plus more. If you’re interested in retail jobs, you could try your hand at working in your favourite high street shops. Walking in with your printed CV and smart clothing could be just what you need to land a part time job or summer job. Having retail experience and the ability to serve customers demonstrate to employers how great your communication and people skills are.

You could also try getting a SOLAS apprenticeship. SOLAS apprenticeships rate of pay can vary, but the more skills you gain the higher rate of pay you get. You should agree on the rates of pay with your prospective employer. Your travel expenses may even be reimbursed depending on how far away you live. This is a great way of learning new skills and making money as a 16 year-old!