Are you 13 year old and looking for a nice side job for school? Sounds excellent! Now find out where you can find work and not unimportant, what kind of work you can do. There are a number of side jobs and chores with which you earn a nice pocket money.

Can you work as a 13 year old?

Under Irish law, children under age 16 cannot be employed in regular full-time jobs. Children under the age of 14 can’t be employed at all. But this doesn’t stop you helping out with chores around the neighbourhood and getting some regular pocket money. You should never take time off school to do these chores and you should always ask your guardians/parentsif it is alright for you to do chores for people they know.

What work can you do as a 13 year old?

Although you cannot work in a pub or in a kitchen, you can get a paper round or have a bash at babysitting. These local jobs have many perks and should leave you with a little extra cash in your pocket every week! Your parents might chill out a bit too.

As a 13 year old, you can help your parents with chores or tutor your neighbour for a couple of euros per week. Or if your parents have a shop or a farm, then that would be even better! You could also try out gardening, perhaps for your grandparents or friend of the family. By helping to dig out their weeds and trim the grass once a week, you could land yourself a side job, gain valuable experience and still have time to spend with your friends.