Do you want to earn extra pocket money? A part time job could be a sweet deal for you! Unfortunately, the law doesn’t allow 12 year olds to work. This means a job working behind the counter in shop or working in a factory is definitely out of the question. But don’t worry, you can read about ways for 12 year olds to earn a bit of extra cash.

What jobs can you do as a 12 year old?

So, you’ve decided to keep reading, great! That means you’re keen to to get some ideas on how to make a bit of money. Well, first, you’re in a good situation because most parents will support you in finding a job! They will probably know some people that need help raking leaves, or even washing the car. Another popular job for 12 year olds is babysitting. Your neighbours may be going out for dinner and they might have younger children that can’t be left alone.

Washing the neighbours car is a good one as all you need is a bucket, water, soap, and a sponge, which most parents will provide for you. And most people on your street have cars, right? Another good one is helping your neighbours’ children with their maths homework as you’ve probably done this at school and find it easy-peasy.

If you take a job it will ensure you’ve always got a few euros in your pocket every week. And if you’re a hard worker, you’ll never be wanting for customers. You might even be able to help your friends find a job if you’ve got too much work for one week.

Another part time job for 12 year olds could be dog walking. The great part about this is that dogs need to be taken outside at least one a day, so this could be a real moneymaker! Asking for €1 per walk means by the end of the week you would earn €7! Pretty nice for your first job.

If your neighbour or family are going out of town, a great job could be offering to water their plants or feed their pet. You don’t have to spend much time doing this either. All you need is a good memory because if you forget to drop by and water the plants and feed the dog, your neighbour won’t be a happy chappy.

Preparing yourself for a real job

If you find someone who needs the odd chores around the house done, you should definitely take the chance and help out. This will show your future boss that you’re a hard worker, helpful and you’ve got initiative at such a young age. And you might be really helping someone that can't get things done themselves. Lets say if your elderly neighbour doesn’t have the strength to water his/her plants or walk their dog. So, see who needs help in your neighbourhood, take the chance and ring their doorbell. Why not call your uncles, aunties, grandparents and family friends who you think may need help!

But always discuss this with your parents/guardians first.