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Tweet yourself to a job with our Twitter tips

Looking for a job and do you want to use Twitter as a networking medium? We have summarized the best Twitter tips for you, so that networking for a job is even easier.


  • Choose a username that can be used professionally as well. For example your forename and surname. Try to avoid using swear words and slang termanology.

  • Upload a good profile picture, then others know what kind of person they're dealing with.

  • You should be aware that Twitter accounts come up the moment a potential employer googles applicants. So, take the opportunity to show something positive about yourself. Use this opportunity to present yourself as a fit and professional candidate and keep in mind that everything is read, including tweets from 2 years back. Think about what you share with the world wide web.

  • On your profile you can note that you are looking for a job. This way your followers may be able to point you in the right direction.

  • Look for opportunities, do not only wait until you are being approached but look for vacancies yourself and use the search function to find interesting companies and jobs.

  • The search function on Twitter can help you target and follow the right people and companies.

  • Follow people and companies that you think are interesting. Follow employees of those interesting companies as well. This way you know what they are tweeting about and you are more capable of getting in contact in an approachable way.

  • Profile yourself in the branch you are interested in and show that you follow the field of expertise. Tweet about interesting developments, share articles of branch websites, retweet and reply others or tweet about your own knowledge and experiences.

  • Through Twitter you can get into contact with employers.

  • Look for accounts that place vacancies in your field of expertise and follow them?

  • Make sure you are worth following. Do not only promote yourself but supply your followers with cool and interesting content thus ensuring interaction.