Summer Jobs in Kilkenny

There are 3 summer jobs in Kilkenny.

Kilkenny is a very interesting and old town. You can find astonishingly beautiful sights and landmarks in Kilkenny. It's home to one of the most beautiful castles in the country, Kilkenny Castle which was built in 1195. Furthermore, Kilkenny is a cultural hotspot; there are galleries, comedy clubs, historic buildings, cathedrals and churches. You will surely find a summer job working in one of these places. Register with StudentJob IE and start your summer job applications today!

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Customer Service Summer Jobs in Kilkenny

A customer service job in Kilkenny would be a great opportunity for you to earn some extra cash in the summer! Kilkenny is renowned for its serine countryside, pubs and peaceful atmosphere in the town centre. Why not start applying for summer jobs today? All you have to do is register with StudentJob IE and you’ll be en route to finding an amazing summer job in Kilkenny!

Customer Service Summer Jobs in Kilkenny

Bar Staff/Waiter & Waitress Summer Jobs in Kilkenny

Are you looking for a bar or waiter/waitress summer job in Kilkenny? Well, Kilkenny has some of the nicest pubs in the south east and County Kilkenny! You will be able to have loads of craic and banter with the locals and make money for your spare time. If you want to find a summer job in one of the many pubs in Kilkenny, you should register with StudentJob IE and get started today.

Bar Staff/Waiter & Waitress Summer Jobs in Kilkenny

Retail Summer Jobs in kilkenny

Start your application for retail summer jobs in Kilkenny today! You will find retail shops in Kilkenny which will be looking for retail staff in the summer. This will provide you with a great skill set and experience which will also look amazing on your CV. If you are looking for a retail summer job in Kilkenny, explore the vacancies below and register with StudentJob IE.

Retail Summer Jobs in Kilkenny

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