Summer Jobs in Galway

There are 6 summer jobs in Galway available.

There are a lot of nice traditional pubs and restaurants in Galway. You can also find a lot of shops and markets where you can buy local produce. There are lots of peaceful parks and castles where you can really see what Ireland looked like 800 years ago. Some parts of the country have simply never changed, and it's just amazing to see this in the summer. If you want to stick around Galway for the summer, you could find a summer job that would suit you best. Do you think you would like to work in a pub or restaurant? This might be the time start applying!

Find summer jobs in Galway that best suit you and will help you in your future career! All you have to do is register here, submit your CV and you are good to go!

Customer Service Summer Jobs in Galway

Are you looking for your ideal summer job in Galway? Then you can find a summer job with StudentJob IE! Galway has hosts numerous festivals throughout the year which attract a lot of tourists and visitors from all over Europe. If you are living in the area then you must know how great it is in the summer and how many people visit. A summer job will definitely look great on your CV when it comes time to apply for jobs once you graduate. Register with StudentJob IE and start applying for summer jobs in Galway for free.

Customer Service Summer Jobs in Galway

Bar Staff/Waiter & Waitress Summer Jobs in Galway

Summertime gets very busy in Galway, as it is the third biggest city in Ireland, and that means the pubs are packed most days, especially at the weekends. If you are looking for a challenge, then a summer job working in a pub is the perfect way to learn the most important aspects of communication and customer service. Register with StudentJob IE for free and start applying for Bar Staff/Waiter & Waitress Summer Jobs in Galway today.

Bar Staff/Waiter & Waitress Summer Jobs in Galway

Retail Summer Jobs in Galway

Are you looking for a retail summer job in Galway? Why not apply through StudentJob IE and thus increase your chances of finding your place. A summer job in retail would be a great opportunity for you to learn new skills such as communication, customer service, teamwork and management. Depending on the company and location, summer jobs can be quite flexible meaning that you can make enough money to enjoy your summer the way you want to.

Retail Summer Jobs in Galway

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