Part Time Jobs in Tralee

There are 3 part time jobs in Tralee available.

The Institute of Technology Tralee attracts international students and students from across Ireland. Courses include IT, Social Sciences, Engineering and Mathematics. If you're looking for some fun after a hard week of studying, check out some local pubs in the city centre. The coolest pub is called Baily's Corner which is located in the centre not too far away from your university. The atmosphere is great as the locals like having a laugh and getting to know new people.

You can find some really cool bars, clubs and restaurants in Tralee. If you're lucky you might find a student job in one of these fine establishments.

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Part Time Bar Staff/Waiter & Waitress Jobs in Tralee

Are you looking for a chance to earn some extra beer funds, gain great experience and skills? You need not look any further because with StudentJob we have great waiter/waitress vacancies for which you can apply!

Part Time Bar Staff and Waiter and Waitress Jobs in Tralee

Part Time Customer Service Jobs in Tralee

Do you think you have what it takes to meet the need of customers in a friendly manner? If you are, see the Customer Service vacancies in Tralee exclusively available to you through StudentJob Ireland. You will definitely enhance your communication and problem-solving skills dealing with customers on a daily basis. This will help you in your future career after you graduate: having a job while studying will look excellent on your CV.

Part Time Customer Service Jobs in Dublin

Part Time Retail Jobs in Tralee

Having a part time job in retail is definitely worth some consideration, especially if you want to be independent and get your CV filled with newly-gained skills, which will help you succeed in the future and make you stand out from the crowd in future job applications.

Part Time Retail Jobs in Tralee

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