Part Time Jobs in Newbridge

There are 3 part time jobs in Newbridge available.

Newbridge is a great little town to work and live. The locals are very charming and friendly. The main education provider in the area is St. Patrick's College. There are tons of nice bars in Newbridge like Bru House Newbridge. The Whitewater Shopping Centre has got loads of nice shops (Debenhams, Odeon Zara and Vodafone) where you can have a great day out with friends. But, you do need money to enjoy yourself, so why not find a part time job in Newbridge, perhaps in one of the shops mentioned.

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Part Time Bar Staff/Waiter & Waitress Jobs in Newbridge

A bar staff job would be an ideal part time job for you to further develop your people skills - most people like a cheery bartender/waiter/waitress. Our most important goal at StudentJob is to get the best student jobs for you. Through StudentJob, you will find waiter/waitress opportunities throughout Newbridge where you can earn some money to make ends meet and keep yourself busy.

Part Time Bar Staff and Waiter and Waitress Jobs in Newbridge

Part Time Customer Service Jobs in Newbridge

Are you looking to work in a busy atmosphere, answering requests from customers? Why not check our Customer Service vacancies in Newbridge that are available to you. These roles will definitely enhance your communication skills and increase your ability to deal with customers' complaints and feedback, which is very important.

Part Time Customer Service Jobs in Newbridge

Part Time Retail Jobs in Newbridge

StudentJob has part time retail opportunities available to you in Newbridge. How cool would it be for you if you were to work in your favourite store! Maybe a staff discount could be up for grabs!

Part Time Retail Jobs in Newbridge

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