Jobs in Newbridge

There are 8 jobs in Newbridge available.

If you are looking for a job in Newbridge, check out the vacancies available to you with StudentJob Ireland. Newbridge has a great variety of shops, restaurants and hotels. So you should not find it difficult finding a job here. It's a great idea to find a job that will support your studies and give you a bit of room to have fun at the weekend. You will also develop new skills and assets that will, in addition, look very impressive on your CV. Moreover, you will have the funds to do whatever you would like to do in your spare time.

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Bar Staff/Waiter & Waitress Jobs in Newbridge

Are you looking to expand your interpersonal communication skills? Perhaps a Bar Staff and Waiting job would do just the trick. Although Newbridge isn't the biggest town in Ireland, it does have some very charming pubs, bars and clubs where you can find a student job working as a waiter/waitress.

Part Time Bar Staff and Waiter and Waitress Jobs in Newbridge

Customer Service Jobs in Newbridge

Are you looking to increase your customer service skills while earning some extra cash? Then why not check out our Customer Service vacancies in Newbridge. You will definitely learn new skills in customer service which will help you in your future career. There are various shops located in Newbridge where you will gain new, valuable experience. Sign up to StudentJob and apply for customer service jobs available in Newbridge.

Part Time Customer Service Jobs in Newbridge

Retail Jobs in Newbridge

You will find several retail and sales opportunities available in Newbridge through StudentJob Ireland. These are the perfect roles for you if you would like to develop your communication and customer service skills and work in an amazing atmosphere.

Retail Jobs in Newbridge

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