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There’s something in the air in Limerick. It’s quirky, vibrant and a city of culture, making Limerick a great place to do an internship. For food lovers or people on the go, there are plenty of casual dining places where you can grab something quick to eat. And, during the night you can visit one of Limerick’s bars. Art and culture lovers will have plenty to do as Limerick has many grand museums and historical sites. Limerick is a proven location for international business making it great for students wanting to do an internship in a global company. Take a look at our vacancies if you’re interested in doing an internship in Limerick!

Accountancy Internships in Limerick

Limerick has plenty of new and existing companies making accountancy internships available on the regular. The Northern Trust, a well known financial company located in Limerick, is one of the many companies that offer accountancy internships. Each company will teach you something different so it's very important that you read each vacancy carefully and see if it suits what you’re looking for. Doing an accountancy internship in Limerick will be a good way to gain experience in companies that are international which will make you more employable. So, if you’re interested in doing an accountancy internship in Limerick, check this page regularly and apply to the vacancies we have!

Admin Internships in Limerick

As Limerick is a city of culture, there are lots of companies and hotels where you can do an admin internship. The duties involved vary greatly. You could be providing general administrative support such as data entry and mailing. Or, you could be preparing reports. It all depends on the company so read each vacancy fully. You need to have good time management and organisational skills to be a good candidate for the job, but other attributes such as research and analytical skills can be improved on the job. If you’re interested in doing an admin internship then Limerick is the city for you! Keep an eye on this space and check out the admin internships we have in Limerick.
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