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Galway is such an amazing place with great people that Ed Sheeran even has a song about it! If you want to do an internship in a city with plenty to do then Galway is the perfect place for you. Students make up 20% of the population which adds excitement and energy to the city. The nightlife is incredible with many nightclubs and bars to choose from. There are also wonderful restaurants and country markets you can visit. Your internship in Galway will be lively! But, if you’re a more chill person then you can travel from the city to the mountains and coast in no time and have a peaceful stroll. Have a look at our vacancies, if an internship in Galway sounds interesting!

ICT Internships in Galway

Like the rest of Ireland, the ICT industry in Galway is thriving which means ICT internships are often available. Many large companies like EA Games and Cisco have offices across Galway. An ICT internship in Galway will be a great opportunity to work for an international company. Since ICT internships differ, you’ll be able to find one that provides the work experience you desire. Companies usually look for students who are willing to learn and have a strong work ethics. Attributes like organisational skills and excellent communication skills are also preferred. Think an ICT internship in Galway sounds great? Check this page regularly for vacancies!

Online Marketing Internships in Galway

As there are many hi-tech companies and tourism is very important to the city, online marketing internships are often available in Galway. Because Galway has companies that vary, you could be working in the marketing department of a technology company like EA Games or a popular toy shop like Smyths. Looking for an online marketing internship in Galway increases your chances of working for a global company which looks great on CVs. Creativity and great communication skills are looked for by employers, so if that sounds like you then an online marketing internship in Galway could be right for you! Interested? Check this space for vacancies!
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