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Dublin is an amazing city to do an internship in! Being the capital and largest city in Ireland, there’s plenty of things you can do! With over 35,000 students Dublin has become an energetic and vibrant place. There are many pubs you can visit, Temple Bar is the most popular, and if you want to dance Dublin has great nightclubs you can go to. If history is something you’re into you can take a day trip to Dublin Castle. Finding an internship in Dublin is not hard to do either. Many companies, such as Amazon have headquarters in Dublin, so there is a range of internships you can do. Take a look at our vacancies below if you’re interested in doing an internship in Dublin!

Accountancy Internships in Dublin

Many companies, especially financial ones like Citibank, have set up headquarters in Dublin which is why accountancy internships are very common. You need to be hard working with numerical skills, so if that sounds like you then an internship in accountancy is right for you! Don’t worry, these companies don’t expect you to know everything and what you don’t know you’ll learn about on the job. An accountancy internship in Dublin will teach you everything an accountant will need to know from data entry to tax returns. So, if Dublin seems like a great city and you’re interested in an accountancy internship then have a look at our vacancies below!

Online Marketing Internships in Dublin

With the huge increase of people using the internet, more companies in Dublin are in need of creative and organised students to take part in an online marketing internship. Whilst most require that you post on social media, others need you to do more work such as different online marketing tasks. There is bound to be an internship that will suit your needs. Dublin is a very creative city so finding inspiration during your internship for any online marketing you do won’t be a problem. If an online marketing internship in Dublin sounds interesting check out our vacancies below!

Online Marketing Internships in Dublin

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