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Athlone is the heart of culture and majesty in Ireland, making it a cool place to do an internship in. Athlone is more suited for those of you that like chill cities. There are stunning golf courses you can play on, wonderful walking and cycling trails and ancient monastic sites you can visit. But don’t worry, an internship in Athlone won’t be a bore! There are plenty of pubs and bars to visit such as Sean’s Bar - Ireland's oldest pub. There are also several shopping centres where you can spend your hard earned cash. Think an internship in Athlone sounds nice? Have a look at our vacancies below!

Online Marketing Internships in Athlone

With such a huge emphasis on tourism, Athlone has several online marketing internships available. Online marketing internships vary greatly; you could simply be posting on social media to getting down to the nitty-gritty tasks. There is bound to be an internship that fits what you’re looking for. For this internship, you need to have strong writing skills along with excellent communication skills. If that sounds like you then an online marketing internship in Athlone is right for you. You probably already have some basic social media skills too if you use sites like Facebook daily. Check this page regularly for online marketing internships in Athlone!

Sales Internships in Athlone

With several pharmaceutical companies in Athlone like Ericsson and Tyco Healthcare, there are sales internships up for grabs. During your sales internship in Athlone, you’ll be working to find what customers want and selling your products/services to clients. You’ll often be representing the company and talking to different people daily. So, it’s important that you have excellent verbal and written communication skills. Don’t worry if you have no experience selling products to people, the company your interning at will most likely give you training before throwing you into the deep end. If a sales internship in Athlone seems interesting, then watch this space!
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