Increasing your visibility and attracting the right candidates

Do you want to make sure the right candidates are finding your vacancy? It’s all about relevance: rather than trying to get everyone to see your vacancy, you’d preferably focus just on the candidates you actually want to apply to your job. This will save both you and them a lot of time!

To attract the right candidates, you’ll want to focus on two things: your vacancy settings on StudentJob, and the optimization of your vacancy text.

1. Your vacancy settings on StudentJob

When you’re posting a job via StudentJob make sure to fill in these fields correctly! You can post a job via your Company Profile Login.

Job Title:

List profession name, your company name and the location of the work. If you’re not sure about which profession name to pick, choose one that’s searched for often (see table in part 2).

Location & Postal Code:

Fill in the location the work will take place in plus the postal code. On StudentJob, candidates can search for vacancies in a city + a radius of 10-50 km, so ensuring this is filled in correctly helps candidates in that area find you better. For location always pick an existing city and don’t fill in ‘whole country’ or ‘various cities’ etcetera, our partner sites like Indeed need the city field to correctly locate and publish your vacancy on their sites as well and do not recognize cities called ‘various cities’.

Job Summary & Description:

Make sure to mention the profession name, city and company name (see part 2). Other than that, you will want to write an attractive vacancy.

Type of Job:

Select up to three job categories. Make sure to only pick the ones that correspond to the job itself, don’t pick job categories that don’t match the job but do match your company’s field.

For example, if you offer a callcenter job in an IT company and would select both Callcenter and IT, Java developers searching for IT jobs would also see your offer but never apply. You should also pick one or multiple professions related to the job category you selected, those will automatically appear when you click a job category. We have pages set up just for those professions (example), so selecting them gains you extra extremely targeted visits.

Type of Contract

Some candidates have limited availability and therefore filter for the type(s) of contract that suit them. Again, make sure only to select the contract types matching your job to avoid attracting candidates that don’t meet your demands.

2. Your Vacancy Text

In order to optimize your text for candidates and search engines (SEO), you’ll want to mention the following a few times throughout your text:

City & Company Name

Lots of candidates are using StudentJob and Google to search for vacancies in certain cities or at certain companies. Including both the city and company name can help those candidates find you!

Profession Name

You’ll want to use the most commonly used and understood profession name to make sure there’s no confusion about what the work will entail. What better way of finding out the most commonly used terms than viewing what’s searched for most often on Google?

We’ve put together a list of monthly search volumes for the most popular job categories on our website. Is what you’re looking for not in here? Send your vacancy / proposed keywords to and we’ll tell you which keyword(s) to focus on.


Using these guidelines, you’ll gain more exposure on our site, on search engines like Google and on our partner sites like Indeed that automatically place your vacancy as well.

Are you looking for even more exposure and candidates? Have a look at our advertising options or contact us at 0808 234 0313 or

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